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Spending hours and hours every year shaving, waxing, plucking and threading to ensure we are hair free, we definitely spend a lot of money of methods of hair removal (£23,000 over our lifetime to be exact!). These may seem like the only options available however these methods can irritate the skin, cause ingrown hairs and be inconvenient to our daily lives.

The solution… Laser Hair Removal – quick treatments which destroy the hair follicles – virtually hair free for the rest of your life!

All you need to know…

It is a very simple and quick procedure. We ask you to shave prior to your appointment, so that the laser can penetrate straight to the hair root rather than the external hair on the surface. The laser destroys the hair and we repeat this process over a course of a few sessions to ensure we have targeted every single hair in different stages of the hair growth cycle. 

Most of the body can be treated with laser hair removal, the most popular and successful areas are the underarms, bikini line, legs and upper lip.

The procedure is comfortable and safe, thanks to the built in cooling system. Some areas are slightly more sensitive than others, but are definitely an easier process than waxing!

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